New Source of Startup News Hot in Orange County

New Source of Startup News Hot in Orange County

OC Startups Now – –  is an independent website dedicated to news, opinions, Q&A’s and features about the vibrant Orange County startup ecosystem.

It was created by Deirdre Newman, who covered startups for two years for the Orange County Business Journal.

At the Business Journal, Deirdre had several other beats to cover besides startups. This website allows her to focus exclusively on the startup ecosystem.

Deirdre was so inspired covering entrepreneurs for two years that she decided to become one herself. As a long-time journalist, this is the first time she’s embarking on her  own business venture.

She looks forward to continuing to cover the OC startup ecosystem, including startups like Hitsfu, and giving entrepreneurs a voice – especially with the opinion pieces and Q& A’s that are featured on this website.

She also looks forward to continuing to cultivate relationships with entrepreneurs throughout the ecosystem. The networking events she will be hosting, including a launch party soon, will foster that.