Business Review

We conduct organizational and operational audits of our clients’ businesses so we can find and fix shortcomings before the problem can cause major damage – (i.e. during a tax audit, lawsuit, or when there is a dispute with a customer, among owners, or an employee). Such an assessment may include:

  • Verification of the company’s legal existence and maintenance
  • Review of compliance with governing statutes and organizational documents
  • Review of corporate and operational records
  • Determining compliance with requirements in buy-sell agreements or other succession planning (i.e. periodically valuing the business)
  • Determining compliance with requirements established by external sources (i.e. government, professional, or contract)
  • Ensuring annual filings have been made and licenses are current
  • Reviewing the company’s contracts and and identifying the business’ contracting needs
  • Audit of employment and independent contractor practices, protection of intellectual property
  • Review of securities, litigation, risk management, and insurance issues

Indeed, such measures not only reduce risk of loss, but can also increase the value of your business.