Dispute Resolution


Do you have a business dispute or breach of contract issue? Hiring an attorney to negotiate a resolution to your dispute has many advantages over filing a lawsuit, such as saving parties money, time, and emotions, and relationships. We are experienced litigators and use that experience and skill set to negotiate peaceful resolutions to internal and external business disputes.

Unlike the common result in litigation, our goal is to negotiate an expedient, cost-efficient resolution to your dispute. We are leaders in collaborative commercial dispute resolution and have been successful in resolving a wide range of business disputes, from partnership disputes to international commercial disputes between major market players.


As an alternative to advocating on your behalf in a negotiation, we can serve as a third-party neutral to help resolve your dispute through mediation. Mediation is an effective and efficient means of resolving disputes. We use a hybrid facilitative/evaluative model to mediate.

We can serve as your Qualified Neutral under Rule 114, Minnesota General Rules of Practice. Rule 114 provides that alternative dispute resolution (ADR) must be considered for nearly all civil cases filed in district court. The ADR Review Board, appointed by the Supreme Court, approves individuals and organizations who are qualified under Rule 114 to act as neutrals in court-referred cases.

Our extensive background in civil and business litigation and experience in transactional business matters makes us well suited to mediate your business dispute, breach of contract case, and many other issues.  We help parties communicate their view points in a safe and respectful environment.  Whatever the source or sources of conflict, we work hard to facilitate an agreement that all parties will appreciate and be able to uphold.

We are committed to providing our clients with a valuable mediation experience. We understand the nuances and complexities which underlie disputes and it is our passion and desire to help you resolve yours and improve your relationships.

We offer competitive and fixed rates to encourage participation in the mediation process.