Negotiation is such a potentially rich, and underexploited, source of competitive advantage and an innovation domain. . . transformative for organizations beyond the realm of negotiations, honing strategy and identifying new sources of value in relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners.

Creating a World-Class Negotiating Organization Built to WIN, Hallam Movius and Lawrence Susskind

Negotiation and relationship management skills are essential to business leadership, corporate growth and risk mitigation.  Fortunately, these skills can be learned and improved.

As experts in negotiation theory and practice, we offer personalized negotiation consulting and training to improve individual and organizational capacities.  Drawing upon our unique experience in negotiating business deals and disputes, litigating, mediating, and lecturing, we have developed a comprehensive training program that will equip your team with the critical (and often counter-intuitive) skills needed to compete and excel in today’s markets.

Specifically, we will work with your company to identify growth opportunities and formulate a customized strategy centered on the following core competencies:

  • Tactfully persuading business partners
  • Creating and claiming value
  • Problem solving and overcoming stalemates
  • Managing and improving relationships

  • Resolving work environment conflict meaningfully
  • Tactfully persuading business partners
  • Coaching and using feedback productively

Vilendrer Law, PC
I’ve found Ellie Vilendrer’s trainings to be ‘head and shoulders’ above what the industry usually provides. She provides useable and clear ways of implementing the unique information provided to her clients. Her visual aids, along with explanations make the information understandable and usable. I’ve never attended a training which comes close to her expertise in providing much needed legal and business information.

Robert McKasson<br /> Negotiation Consulting and Training

5 / 5 stars