Early Dispute Resolution

Hiring an attorney to negotiate a resolution to your business dispute has many advantages over filing a lawsuit, such as saving parties money, time, and emotions, and relationships. We are experienced litigators and use that knowledge and skill set to negotiate peaceful resolutions to internal and external business disputes.

Unlike the common result in litigation, our goal is to negotiate a fair, expedient, and cost-efficient resolution to your dispute. We are leaders in collaborative commercial dispute resolution and have been successful in resolving a wide range of business disputes, from shareholder disputes to international commercial disputes between major market players. Clients understand and appreciate our value proposition and that is why we are regularly retained by clients around the globe for our dispute resolution services.


Sometimes, despite a party’s best efforts, a dispute cannot be resolved prior to engaging the litigation process.  And in that situation, litigation may be appropriate as a last resort for a party to protect their rights.  With years of experience successfully litigating cases in both U.S. state and federal courts, we are adept advocates.  We selectively represent parties in litigation whose rights would be otherwise jeopardized.

As early dispute resolution professionals, we serve as third-party neutrals to mediate a variety of business and civil disputes.

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Retain Vilendrer Law, PC to draft or update contracts for your business, negotiate favorable deal terms on your behalf, or analyze duties owed under an existing contract. We draft, analyze, and negotiate contracts with the utmost care, knowing a single word can significantly impact the value of a deal.  

Our clients entrust us with their most critical negotiations because negotiating is our forte. Whether negotiating a business deal or negotiating a resolution to a business dispute, we work hard to create value, mitigate risk, improve our clients’ relationships, and optimize outcomes.

We draft, analyze, and negotiate contracts, including:

  • Asset Purchase Agreements and Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Start-up/Incorporation/Organizational, and Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Technology Transfer & Licensing Agreements
  • Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements
  • Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Service Contracts
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Privacy Policies
  • Terms of Service Agreements
  • Releases and Settlement Agreements
  • And more

We provide contract drafting, analysis and negotiation services for businesses and individuals in both California and Minnesota.