Now more than ever, disputants need a cost-effective mechanism for resolving their disputes. Ellie Vilendrer’s extensive ADR experience, background as a practicing lawyer in business litigation and transactional corporate and intellectual property matters, and experience as a former tech company co-founder, makes her the ideal mediator for a wide variety of commercial cases, including shareholder disputes, breach of contract, intellectual property, employment, and data privacy.

Ellie Vilendrer is frequently invited to speak for national audiences on the topics of negotiation strategy and entrepreneurship. Demonstrating she can put theory to practice, Ms. Vilendrer achieved the best outcome in a scored negotiation among 60 professional negotiators from around the world in 2015. She is currently conducting a first-of-its-kind national study on dispute resolution to help disputants reach more valuable resolutions.

Ms. Vilendrer has spent hundreds of hours of studying and training in the field of negotiations and mediation, including executive training at Harvard. Her family’s award-winning video promoting peace, Nurturing the Seeds of Peace, was broadcasted at the United Nations on November 6, 2019. Ms. Vilendrer is a member of the American Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, the Orange County Bar Association’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, and the Minnesota State Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section. She is a Qualified Neutral, Rule 114 Minnesota General Rules of Practice.

Ms. Vilendrer uses a hybrid evaluative/facilitative model to mediate. She is committed to providing parties with a valuable mediation experience in which participants can communicate their viewpoints in a safe, respectful, and balanced environment. She understands the nuances and complexities which underpin disputes and has a genuine desire to help parties not only reach a lasting agreement, but also improve relationships.  Her diversity also gives her an edge in helping disputants find common ground.

Vilendrer Law, PC offers online mediation through Zoom, complete with private breakout rooms. We follow the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators. Unlike most ADR providers, we don’t charge administrative fees.

We offer business mediation, data privacy mediation, employment mediation, and intellectual property mediation.

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