Now more than ever, disputants need a cost-effective mechanism for resolving their claims. As an accomplished business attorney and former high-tech company co-founder,  Ellie Vilendrer is the ideal mediator for commercial disputes, including claims of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, fraud, and shareholder disputes, as well as disputes involving intellectual property, data privacy, and employment law matters.

Ms. Vilendrer is the Co-Chair of the Early Dispute Resolution Committee of the American Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section. She has spent hundreds of hours studying and training in the field of negotiations and mediation, including executive training at Harvard. Demonstrating she can put theory to practice, Ms. Vilendrer achieved the best outcome in a scored negotiation among 60 professional negotiators from around the world in 2015.

Since entering the legal field in 2004, Ellie Vilendrer has focused on outcome optimization. She believes the end goal for disputants shouldn’t just be to resolve their dispute but to make decisions that lead to optimal outcomes. She helps parties think creatively, to expand the pie so every party can maximize settlement value. She is adept at understanding complex legal and financial issues, and navigating high-emotion, to arrive at a meaningful, valuable, and lasting resolution.  Her diversity also gives her an edge in helping disputants find common ground.

Vilendrer Law, PC offers online mediation through Zoom, complete with private breakout rooms. We follow the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators. Unlike most ADR providers, we don’t charge administrative fees.

We offer business mediationdata privacy mediationemployment mediation, and intellectual property mediation.

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