With increasing costs of litigation, delays in the court system, and with the unprecedented disruption of business in today’s world, the need for cost-effective and time-efficient mechanisms for resolving disputes is more critical than ever.  Mediation meets that gold standard as it gives the parties the power of self-determination while limiting the costs involved.

Ellie Vilendrer has utilized her time since entering the legal field in 2004 to developing the art of negotiation. She listens closely to all perspectives, quickly evaluates party dynamics and establishes rapport. This allows the parties to focus on the issues in dispute and what may motivate each party to settle. She is committed to exploring every avenue of resolution with honesty, while remaining impartial, confidential, and respectful of the parties views. She will make candid observations when appropriate and assist both sides in assessing risk and overcoming impasse.  She adeptly pursues creative, collaborative solutions that are consistent with the facts of the case and geared toward preserving mutual interests and ongoing relationships. Her approach to mediation ensures that all parties trust the process, feel they have been heard, and that all reasonable prospects for settlement have been explored.

Ellie believes the end goal for disputants shouldn’t just be to resolve their dispute but to make decisions that lead to optimal outcomes. She helps parties think creatively, look for synergies, and create value. She is adept at understanding complex legal and financial issues, and navigating high-emotion, to arrive at a meaningful, valuable, and lasting resolution.  Her energy, optimism and persistent focus on results sets her apart in the field of mediation.

Read about her credentials, here. Her diversity also gives her an edge in helping disputants find common ground.

Vilendrer Law, PC offers online mediation through Zoom, complete with private breakout rooms. We follow the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators. Unlike most ADR providers, we don’t charge administrative fees.

We offer business mediationdata privacy mediationemployment mediation, and intellectual property mediation.

We’ve committed to minimizing the impact on the environment of every mediation that we are involved in.

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