Leslie R-N

I was provided a referral to Ellie Vilendrer when I needed some legal counsel regarding an IP matter. I could not have asked for better service. When I first called Ms. Vilendrer I expected to leave a voicemail or to schedule a future time for a consultation call. Instead, she answered and made the time right then to have a 45 minute consultation. She was attentive, quick thinking, encouraging, and transparent. I was so impressed that she immediately knew which questions to ask and which considerations were relevant to my case, without having any prior information going into the call. She clearly articulated what next steps I would need to take to organize my documents and offered a very reasonable rate. Ellie manages to simultaneously be professional and personable at all times. When I sent her all my materials, she reviewed everything and provided her analysis in lightning fast time - in about 24 hours!! Truly awesome. Even in that short turnaround time, she provided in depth analysis and recommendations. What really made her service incredible, though, is that she also provided genuine words of support and encouragement. That's going above and beyond in my opinion! The quality of her legal advice was proven by the outcome of my case. Following Ellie's instructions, I was able to effectively advocate for myself through email and in meetings with the university IP office. I have now resolved the dispute over my IP agreement and arrived at an alternative solution. I am so grateful to have found Ms. Vilendrer, and will certainly return in the future whenever I am in need of further legal services.

Frances Tang

I recently attended an event where Ellie was on the panel, and she was by far my favorite speaker! Not only was she extremely clear and eloquent, she was a wealth of useful information, advice, and amazing statistics. Her background and experience give her a very valuable perspective, and I look forward to hearing her speak again.


Richfield, Minnesota

We hired Ellie to mediate an issue with our small business and another small business. She completely understood the issue and our points of contention and was able to provide the outcome we were looking for in a short time. Kudos. Highly recommended.

Eddie Grey

Los Angeles, California

Incredible Service and Very Knowledgeable. Will absolutely recommend to all my peers. THANK YOU!!!

Gene Moore


Ellie is a pro. I told her before we started that I have learned in my lifetime...that if you pay a competent person for good advice...and they give it. You take it. I did, she did, and I am better off for it. She charged a reasonable fee for her work and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Ramona Cruz-Peters


Ellie Vilendrer recently helped me to successfully register a trademark for my small business/blog website. I don't think I would have been successful doing this on my own, and am grateful for Ellie's expertise, great communication (making the "legalese" and my rights easy to understand, quick responses, and transparency), and effective work on this for me. I recommend working with Vilendrer Law!

Masi Keshavarz

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ellie Vilendrer is a top-rate corporate attorney and contract negotiator. Her business, legal, and financial savvy are part of what make her a highly effective business leader and business adviser.

Mina Ghorashi, M.D.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ellie is smart, compassionate, hard working and business oriented. She is a very good corporate lawyer and a negotiator by nature.

Shannon Lamb, Esq.

Orange County, California

Ellie and I met as opposing counsel several years ago. She’s insightful, thorough, and level headed. She always strives to do good, to collaborate, and connect. Ellie’s a fine attorney with a big heart ~ one of the best our profession has to offer.

Darwin Vagrt

Orange County, California

Ellie is an excellent lawyer. Ellie has been extremely responsive and professional in resolving contractual questions for me. It is a pleasure to work with her and she has an enthusiastic work ethic.

Jerry Martin

Orange County, California

Ellie was a real pleasure to work with. Unlike many other attorneys I have met in the past, Ellie has shown exceptional compassion and was very good in building client-attorney trust. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and personable.

Yvonne De La Cruz

Orange County, California

Ellie handled my case about a year ago. Going through the painful process of being involved in a lawsuit was made easier because Ms. Vilendrer was clearly prepared to handle my case. She kept me informed regarding the case and gave me great advice which saved me money in the long run. I felt that Ms. Vilendrer genuinely cared about me and handled my case in a very professional manner. If I ever need an attorney in the future I will definitely call her and I will recommend her to anyone with confidence. She will definitely have your best interest in mind.

Golnar Sargeant, Esq.

Orange County, California

Ellie is a wonderful person and a superb attorney. I would recommend my own friends and family to her without hesitation.

Christine Miller, Esq.

Huntington Beach, California

Vilendrer Law provides very professional legal services, and I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for business assistance, whether it is with business formation, contracts, or business disputes. Ms. Vilendrer is a delight to work with, and her reputation in the community is nothing short of stellar. She is brilliant, creative, articulate, extremely hard-working, and passionate about her advocacy. Her professionalism raises the bar for all attorneys, and it is no wonder she has achieved such tremendous success in her career.

Steven Burton, Esq.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I highly recommend Ellie. She has the perfect skills for what she does. She is great to work with if she is on your side. But if her clients are being treated unfairly, she won’t back down from a fight.

Jermaine Carroll, Esq.

Denver, Colorado

Of the manifold characteristics that Ellie possesses, I admire her most for her erudition, her wisdom, and her willingness to share her talents with any and all who ask of her. Even in the years since law school, I have had the privilege of seeking professional guidance and counsel from Ellie. She was only too ready and able to give it. It would eagerly welcome the opportunity to work with or for Ellie in the future.

Joshua Baron, Esq.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Ellie is bright, personable, and she has a great attitude. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.

Yasser Sanchez, Esq.

Mesa, Arizona

Ellie is a very impressive attorney with a proven track record. She manages very complex cases in a very efficient manner. I endorse this lawyer’s work. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good attorney in California.

Kelly Zinser, Esq.

Irvine, California

Ellie really cares about her clients. This makes all the difference in providing legal representation that goes above and beyond what is necessary.

Erika Pennington, Esq.

Orange County, California

Ellie is thoughtful and creative. She prides herself on maintaining constant communication with her clients.

Momal Iqbal, Esq.

Orange County, California

I confidently endorse this attorney’s work. She is an exceptional attorney who gives individualized attention to her clients. Her impressive track record speaks for itself. I would gladly refer her to anyone in need of legal help.

David Bradford

Provo, Utah

Ellie is smart and an absolute delight. I enjoyed working with her immensely and would highly recommend her.

Kali Gardner Bowles, Esq.

St. Paul, Minnesota

Ellie is personable, energetic and always positive. I enjoy working with her to grow our separate businesses and will refer to her anyone that has a business!

Robert Louisell, PhD

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ms. Vilendrer drew up a contract for the pre-press and design work for my 3rd published book. She anticipated all potential problems and her price was more than fair! She is personable and intelligent. I plan to use her again when I incorporate for my business as an author.

Kathy Kremer

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ellie is one of the sharpest and most efficient attorneys with whom we have worked in our many years of running a high tech business. We have called on her for a variety of legal issues and she always provides a quick-turn around and fair pricing. She is truly an expert when it comes to business law. She has also been a great asset in terms of mediating personnel issues. Ellie has that perfect blend of professionalism, business savvy and confidence to deal with whatever legal work we have.

Amir Reisizadeh

Los Angeles, California

Some of what makes Ellie so impressive is her incredible enthusiasm for her profession and perseverance. She harnesses great strength in overcoming challenges. Her winning attitude has lead to fantastic results as a business lawyer and negotiator.

Adrien Abbasi

Orange County, California

I have known Ellie in a personal and professional capacity for nearly a decade and I have grown to recognize Ellie as a passionate, extremely creative, talented, articulate attorney who is genuinely dedicated to her clients' needs and the principles of her profession. Elie was instrumental in providing me with legal advice, guidance, and support in starting up my previous startup endeavor. She and her firm are highly professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Ellie for entrepreneurs and starters who need help with issues related to business formation, contracts, securities compliance, employment law.

Sarah Alhafidh

Santa Clara, California

Ellie is a brilliant attorney and a tireless advocate for her clients. Her passion for her clients is only surpassed by her tenaciousness and commitment to delivering results, whether it be exceeding client’s desired outcomes for their cases or helping businesses establish their companies and negotiate contracts. Ellie takes on new challenges for her clients by gaining mastery of the facts, assessing all possible outcomes, and working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome.

Robert McKasson

Orange County, California

Ellie is an absolute genius in providing her services to businesses.


San Francisco, California

Ellie is an informed, professional, strategic thinker and negotiator. Ellie served as my lawyer on a challenging case involving multiple parties and claims. From the beginning, Ellie was highly professional and engaged in the case–I felt as if I was her primary priority. She was an excellent listener and helped me articulate and prioritize my goals. She did significant work behind the scenes including research and discussions representing my interests with other parties, thereby saving me valuable time. Having her on my side significantly reduced my stress associated with the case, as I knew she was informed and fighting for my interests. Ellie clearly has an innately competitive nature, which drives her to win. Woe to the attorney who sits across the table from Ellie!!! In the end, she achieved all my goals. I recommend her without hesitation.

Jessica L.

Los Angeles, California

Ellie is phenomenal! Super friendly and easily explains legal mumbo jumbo for us untrained folk in a way that completely makes sense. We just launched a small startup and she wrote our contract for us. Ellie was very responsive through the whole process and got it done faster than I could’ve expected. Impressive and would definitely reach out to her again!

Bethany McMunn

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Ellie is amazing. She is incredibly knowledgeable and personable! She was caring, patient, and helped me throughly understand the entire process of forming my business. I couldn’t recommend her more! She truly is the best.

Megan Tsui

Red Wing, Minnesota

I hired Ellie for a complex business matter. I can’t say enough good things about her. She is smart and strategic, kind and thoughtful. She has a terrific sense of humor, which is a must in any negotiation, if you ask me! What I appreciate most about Ellie was that she taught me how to be a better negotiator. She pressed me when I needed pressing, but stepped back when I needed to process. She was flexible and worked with me within my budget. I would highly recommend Ellie and I will continue to use her for my legal needs.