April 17, 2023

Introducing EDR: the Future of ADR

When used effectively, Alternative Dispute Resolution, “ADR,” which refers to any method of resolving disputes without litigation, results in achieving faster dispute resolutions at lower costs […]
March 6, 2023

An Introduction To Early Dispute Resolution Methods

Early Dispute Resolution or “EDR” is a comprehensive process for fairly and rapidly settling disputes.  Most EDR methodologies build on collaborative practices that facilitate cooperation to […]
March 6, 2023

Value-Based Fee Agreements; An Important Tool In The EDR Toolbox

In an economy where focus is becoming more on cost control, both clients and law firms are looking for ways to create value-based or alternative fee […]
June 8, 2022

What Does the Data Say? Creating Value for Clients in Resolving Conflict is Early Dispute Resolution.

Early in my career, I co-founded a data science tech startup. Our technology leveraged data to help app developers maximize profits by informing their most important […]
June 6, 2022

An Early Dispute Resolution Clause

Many savvy businesses include arbitration clauses in their contracts to avoid protracted litigation should problems arise. Indeed, it is widely accepted that the inclusion of an […]
May 22, 2020

Corporate Conflict Prevention and Management Policies, an Urgent Core Competence

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) popularly refers to processes outside of court used to resolve a dispute.  Alternative describes these extra-judicial processes because litigation, unfortunately, is the […]
April 7, 2020

Nurturing Business Relationships in the Covid-19 Era

In these times of scarcity, fear, and loss, people are negotiating their business relationships more vigorously than ever before. Under normal circumstances, contracting parties, by and […]
October 23, 2019

Nurturing the Seeds of Peace

The Vilendrer Family won 3rd place in the 8 and Under division of the Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival. The short video will be broadcasted to promote peace at the United Nations on November 6, 2019.
June 26, 2017

Ellie Vilendrer Answers ADR FAQ’s for the MSBA Video Series

May 23, 2017

Ellie Vilendrer Featured in The Hennepin Lawyer Magazine

Ellie Vilendrer was selected to be part of The Hennepin Lawyer Magazine’s Profiles in Practice – a showcase of nine Hennepin County attorneys with diverse and distinguished careers. […]
December 21, 2015

The Most Important Lesson I Learned as a Litigator

I practiced civil litigation, representing clients on both sides of the v., for many years. As attorneys our job is to act in the best interest of our clients. In litigation, that responsibility is at odds with the traditional hourly payment model. A litigator who is paid on an hourly basis to litigate is not financially incentivized to resolve your case quickly. While approximately 90% of cases do settle before trial, most settle only after considerable time and expense have been spent.
December 18, 2015

The Three Best Strategies to Prevent Conflict at Your Holiday Gathering

Here is my advice for keeping negative emotions at bay to prevent conflict during your holiday gathering: 1. Spin the Confirmation Bias